Why one direction?

The, “One direction – forward” theme of this blog is intended to focus on living in the here and now, and continue to build moving forward.

My past has some pains in it that the less-healthy parts of my heart and mind seem to wish to spend time in.  I have done my stint in re-examining and re-feeling events, hurts, and disappointments of the past.  I feel I have learned all I need to learn for now, and that life is far better leaving the past where it belongs – in the past.

Surely the past will never leave us completely.  There is value there.  What we do need to leave behind is anything that limits us.  Re-adding equations that never added up is a waste of time.  As is revisiting over and over pains and injustices we experienced.

We only remain a victim as long as we cling to the event that hurt us.  For most of us, it is time to move on.

The “One direction – forward” phrase is borrowed from Mad Men character, Don Draper.  Don Draper is a man with a past he wishes to forget.  Perhaps not for the healthiest reasons.  But he does recognize that yesterday is gone, and that today is a new day.  In an early episode, Don Draper tells someone from his past, “My life moves in only one direction – forward”.

In another episode, he told a colleague who had an experience she wished to forget, “This never happened.  In fact, you will be amazed at how much this never happened”.

While neither situation were things that were necessarily the best judgement, the dialogues do serve as helpful emphasis of the practice of not being limited by things we can do nothing about.

I’d like to offer a suggestion; let go of the past.  The bad parts for sure.  The good parts will stick with you anyway.  They have helped make you who you are today.  But the bad stuff, close it out, and let it go.  Don’t be limited by it.  The degree to which you allow it to happen, is the degree to which you allow yourself to be a victim.  And a victim with a choice is actually a volounteer.

Join me in moving forward.  It is a great journey.  There are things to discover you will never imagine existed.  I am already a few steps along the pathway, and let me report back to you that the road leads to many wonderful places.




11 Responses to Why one direction?

  1. Chaz,

    While I am with you on moving forward, I find that, often, I must first revisit the past, own it, and re-examine it with new eyes before I can let it go. Reviewing my life through today’s eyes, and grieving for whatever losses I encountered along the way, help me to let release whatever was weighing me down and to embrace the present. When I pretend that things did not happen, or I leave them locked up in a psychic drawer, I remain stuck.

    I look forward to traveling with you on this journey.

    • Chaz says:

      Hi Converge…

      Agreed. We do need to meaningfully address the past and close out the parts that need to be left behind. This takes time.

      What may not be aparent in what I have written here is that I have spent much of the past 5 + years closing out the past. This blog, and specifically the theme of living in today is a specific point in my journey that has a lot of road in the rear-view mirror.

      I agree, we cannot simply stuff the past. We need to address it effectively. And for me, I then need to let it go. For many years, I had a bad habit of handcuffing myself to events and hurts of the past. So much so, that I stopped being a victim and started being a volounteer. “It” didnt have a grip on me, I had a grip on “it” and I wouldnt let go.

      So my theme of this blog has a specific context of my overall journey. Its focus is not necessarily balanced. It is an emphasis that is helping me free up from old habits. And a celebration of newfound freedom in releasing from many aspects of the past that were hurting me, killing me.

      Yet the past has many positive things to draw on. I would not have the perspectives I have today were it not for the lessons of the past. Many painful ones.

      This blog is launched after nearly 3 years of my former blog which had a different emphasis. It was time to end that chapter, and start this new one.

      Thanks for being a part of it. Look forward to many great dialogues. I have you bookmarked so will pop by often.



  2. Heidi says:

    So true. I’m forwarding this link to a friend. I don’t know if you’ve ever watched Rawhide? The theme song just came to mind because I have to keep movin’ those memories that dog me from the past. I, too, have spent enough time herding them along and watching them. Thanks!

    • Chaz says:

      Thanks Heidi…. no, havent seen Rawhide. But the anology makes sense. Needlessly herding those thoughts and feelings of the past really does take away from our journey.



  3. tel says:

    Thank you for posting this. Your blog will serve me well on my journey.

  4. I’d love to show my support to your moving forward and journey. I am going through my journey to growth as well. I’m sure your posts will help with not only your own recovery and growth but also your readers’ and mine. 🙂

  5. AsJimSeesIt says:

    “We do need to meaningfully address the past and close out the parts that need to be left behind…”
    Perfectly put! The best part of the 10th step for me is “closing the door”! I once talked to a woman several hours every night for 5 years — in my head — after a 2 year relationship ended. I have since learned that 15-30 minutes well spent can usually pull all necessary info to develop corrective measures. LOL! Thanks!

  6. Anonymous1D says:

    Dear Chaz, do you know what ”one direction” refers to, in 2014? XD

    • Chaz says:

      Isn’t it some lame pop band of pretty boys?

      Wasn’t my intent to connect to them in any way…. Strictly coincidence.

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