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… if it didn’t hurt, it would be funny.

Why can TV sitcoms be funny while life is painful? Could it be that we don’t feel the pain of a circumstance when we are watching it on TV while we do when we are going through it?  When the … Continue reading

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Foul Language & Profanity

Foul Language & Profanity. Great post that really resonates to me regarding the use of profanity including in AA meetings.  Also available on podcast…. just cruise the site. Ciao. Chaz

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Life Lessons from my staple-remover…

My staple-remover went missing at work the other day.  One I had had for years and came to rely on.  It also had sentimental value. You may be wondering why a post on such a trivial matter.  Well, isn’t life … Continue reading

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Anxiety and Depression

“Hello darkness my old friend(s)” 🙂 I had been revisited by these two familiar friends recently.  I didn’t panic, I didn’t jump in with both feet.  I just said, “Oh, you guys again”, and sought a new solution. Pharmaceutical anti-depressants … Continue reading

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