Life Lessons from my staple-remover…

My staple-remover went missing at work the other day.  One I had had for years and came to rely on.  It also had sentimental value.

You may be wondering why a post on such a trivial matter.  Well, isn’t life made up largely of trivial matters?  Small matters that we blow up into big things.  Numerous small matters that accumulate and affect how we feel and eventually form who we are and how we treat others?  Often it is.  Very often.

And experience has shown me that we won’t handle the big things any better than we do the little things, so why not perfect how we handle the little things?

At first I was frosted.  Then quickly realized…. it is a staple remover for crying out loud!  And the person who borrowed it and lost it is a wonderful person!  They just made a small mistake.

I laughed when I saw where my thinking and attitude were going.  A staple-remover for crying out loud!  Worth $2 at most!  Replaceable!

Yet somehow, my subconscious wanted me to ramp up emotion and turn this into an incident.

In light of years of sobriety, a deep belief in grace and forgiveness, and more emotional balance than any other time of my life, there is still evidence of remnants of un-health and immaturity that pop up from time to time.

My task is to decide what to do with them.  My solution for today… laugh at them.

Newsflash…. Wonderful people will continue to make mistakes in my life.  Minor inconveniences will continue to happen.  Laugh at it and move on.




About Chaz

Husband, father, brother, son, friend. Sober member of AA. Grateful for the life God gave me and for the happy struggle of recovery.
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11 Responses to Life Lessons from my staple-remover…

  1. jaels says:

    I really needed this message today–would it be okay if I printed it out for my fridge? Please?

  2. Lee Darrow says:

    Sounds like a good place to be. Remember Office Space the movie – Milton burns

    down the company building because they took his stapler. His red stapler. He might

    have needed all the work you’ve put it that’s paying off. Thanks for the Post! Lee

  3. Daisy says:

    I had a really good laugh…I can so relate.

  4. Enjoyed. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. lost staple removers and broken shoe-laces. Great post

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